DeJoseph for Family Court

Integrity.  Compassion.  Fairness.

About Family Court

Family courts work with families that are facing a variety of complicated disputes.

Family court matters are particularly complex and challenging because of the intense emotions experienced by the parties to each case.

Family court judges are problem solvers who make decisions based on the law, the facts of each particular case, and each party’s arguments or interpretations of the facts. A family court judge has the sworn duty to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and heard equally. She makes legal decisions involving:

  • abuse and neglect of children;
  • child custody and visitation rights;
  • family offenses including abuse of spouses and other family members;
  • children who may have committed crimes (Juvenile Delinquency);
  • children who are not charged with crimes but who may need supervision, treatment, or placement (PINS);
  • paternity;
  • financial support of children, spouses, and ex-spouses;
  • planning for children who have been in foster care for a year or longer; and
  • termination of parental rights.

Because so many family court matters involve children, she spends a great deal of time working on behalf of children and what is their best interest.

As a life-long City of Syracuse resident and the mother to 5-year-old twins, Christie DeJoseph is always working in the best interest of children. Christie’s extensive experience and volunteer work have exposed her to a variety of unique family dynamics and conflicts requiring court intervention. She is a stakeholder in this community and is highly vested in serving families across Onondaga County as Family Court Judge.